WITH EARLY REPAYMENT OPTIONS Tailored at the outset to individual circumstances



For many people it’s becoming increasingly important to consider equity release as part of a pre and post retirement planning process. Thousands of homeowners aged between 55 – 95 are already enjoying the benefits of releasing cash locked in their homes.

Indeed, the release of equity from your home can be spent on anything you wish….now.




Popular uses include –

– Boost Income In Retirement
– Gift money to family members
– Maintenance and home improvements
– Buying a car or caravan
– Paying for a holiday
– Funding domiciliary care needs
– Repaying a mortgage
– Clearing existing debts

As you can see there are many potential uses for releasing equity from your property.  While equity release may not turn out to be suitable for everyone, Care Directions works with equity release specialists who will carefully appraise all your options – and advise whether equity release is appropriate. This appraisal will encompass Lifetime Mortgages*, Home Reversion Plans and Retirement Mortgages.


Tailored to your specific needs

It is essential that you seek specialist independent equity release advice, that’s why Care Directions has partnered with ‘Equity Release Supermarket’, one of the UK’s leading independent equity release companies. Their advisor’s will explain more about how the new range of flexible plans work and how much you could borrow, within a full personalised illustration. They will also discuss how a plan will reduce the value of your estate and could affect any entitlement to state benefits.

All schemes recommended will come from lenders regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and members of the Equity Release Council – with additional safeguards in place, to ensure they meet the standards laid down by the industry. Such safeguards are one of the principle reasons for the growing popularity of Equity Release for the over 55’s.


Never a better time

With the recent introduction of more flexible products and the reduction in interest rates, there has never been a better time to look into equity release as a possible means of boosting your retirement finances. With choices from making no repayments to monthly instalments and, now, even voluntary contributions, there has never been as much choice on how to release equity whilst protecting your beneficiaries.

Equity Release schemes today are increasingly flexible and are designed to meet modern day lifestyles and expectations. Whole plans, typically structured to run for the rest of your life, with defined and known early repayment charges at the outset can be tailored to your circumstances.

‘Equity Release Supermarket’ advisors offer a FREE no obligation initial consultation, which can take place in your own home or over the telephone, as preferred. There is no pressure at any time and you can be rest assured, that the advisers recommendations will be impartial and with your best interests at heart. Be assured that all the alternatives will be carefully considered before Equity Release is recommended.


Find out more

To make an enquiry, or to book a no obligation consultation, simply fill in and submit the free callback form below. It will cost you nothing to enquire. If you do decide to complete any recommended scheme via ‘Equity Release Supermarket’, this enquiry form will qualify you for a £100 M&S voucher, courtesy of Care Directions.

Lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). To understand the features and risks involved ask for a personalised illustration. An equity release plan can reduce the value of your estate and may not be suitable for everyone. It may also affect your entitlement to state benefits.



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