Unsurprisingly, given the long cold winter, households across the country have been receiving large bills from their energy suppliers.

However, customers who have their gas and electricity billed by the Utility Warehouse Discount Club have been comforted to know that they paid a very competitive rate during the cold period – and will continue to do so throughout the year.

How so?

Well, the Utility Warehouse have a ‘Triple Value’ guarantee. They guarantee to be cheaper than British gas for your gas; they guarantee to be cheaper than your regional supplier for electricity; and they guarantee to remain competitive with the ‘Big 6′ energy suppliers – British Gas, EDF (London Electricity, Seeboard and SWEB), npower, Scottish & Southern Energy, E.ON and Scottish Power – by consistently comparing their prices, and adjusting them where necessary. In this way, Utility Warehouse customers are assured of good value year in, year out.

This is especially reassuring during periods of industry price  fluctuation. When the ‘Big 6′ recently reduced their prices, the Utility Warehouse, in line with its guarantee, took these into account before announcing new prices, effective from 1 April.

You can see full details of the ‘Triple Value’ guarantee and their prices here.


Take advantage now

To find out more about the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, or to review your current bill and switch your gas and electricity to a more competitive rate, call Kevan Enticott on 0800 977 5462, who will be happy to answer any questions that subscribers to Care Directions may have.


Care homes and other businesses

The Utility Warehouse also supplies gas and electricity to commercial premises, to help businesses reduce their energy bills. Whilst businesses are likely to be in contract for their energy, it is worth considering the Utility Warehouse option ahead of contract renewal. Call today to discuss your current charges.

Talking of which, are you aware that most energy suppliers insist you notify your intention to move away from them in just a two week window – usually three months or so before the end of a contract? Do you know when your two week window is?

It’s also worth noting that the Utility Warehouse doesn’t tie its energy customers into a minimum term contract, unlike other suppliers. Businesses can simply give 30 days notice, at anytime.

Call Kevan Enticott – telephone 0800 977 5462.


The Utility Warehouse Discount Club

The Utility Warehouse are very different to other suppliers. They don’t have any high street shops and their systems are very efficient. And because (unlike their competitors) they don’t waste money on expensive advertising campaigns on TV or in the National Press, they can afford to charge their customers less than their competitors do for the same services.