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Staying At Home

All the surveys of older people, and of younger people with disabilities, clearly indicate that living independently in one’s own home is the preferred choice – if at all possible. This site will tell you about the range of services and support for people who choose to remain in their own homes.

Staying living at home requires a subtle blend of support services – ranging from personal care, to domestic chores and out-and-out nursing. You may need to use several sources of help, either temporarily or over a longer term. By using our menu and reading the relevant pages you will be able to decide which options are best suited to your needs. Comprehensive regional listings of services are then provided.

Your care needs may be short or long term: a temporary period of illness, or infirmity following, for example, a hospital admission; or longer term disablement or frailty. Whichever it is, you may find the solution in this section. You will also find a separate section on the issues relating to Hospital Discharge.


Moving to stay put

To stay living at home may actually entail moving from your current abode – perhaps to be closer to a relative, because your present home environment is unsuitable, or because you want a bit more support. Sheltered housing might be the answer – giving you your own flat, but within a purpose built scheme with some support. You can find a separate section relating to Sheltered Housing elsewhere in this site. It is also possible to find Sheltered housing that has care services provided.


Paying for the services

The ideal of staying at home may be preferable, but who will pay for the support services you will need? Firstly, you may be eligible for all or some services free. For other services there will be a charge, but you may well be entitled to financial help which you are not already receiving.

Our section on Funding your Choice gives extensive information on welfare benefits, grants and other sources of finance.

Direct Payments

The Government has established the regulations which make Direct payments (where you obtain benefit money direct and can use it to purchase your own service), available to people over 65 years of age in England, Wales and Scotland. In England and Wales local authorities will be obliged to offer older people direct payments (instead of services) from April 2003. Guidelines for applying for this funding can be found in Funding Your Choice.


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